There are many factors that contribute to a great boating experience. We contribute to your great boating experience by creating long lasting covers that fit perfectly, look great, are easy to install and remove, and most importantly, protect your boat. Whether you're looking for a full storage cover, mooring cover, cockpit cover, bow cover, or pontoon seating covers, we will make sure your expectations are met.  

Benefits of our custom boat covers.

  1. All our covers are custom made to the boat. Whatever you decide to add to your boat, e.g., trolling motor, pole holders, or tower, we will tailor the cover to fit. 
  2. All our covers are reinforced for added strength and longevity. Additional layers of wear resistant material are added to the inside of the cover where components of the boat could cause premature wear.
  3. Most of our covers are trailerable. 
  4. We use the best domestically made water resistant marine grade materials available. Various colors and grades are available and recommended per individual's request.
  5. Covers are ventilated to promote a dry interior and reduce mold growth.
  6. Various cover attachment methods are available and include snaps, trailer straps, draw ropes or nylon webbing, elastic cord, suction cups, and more.


Every now and then we get calls from customers who are disappointed that the new cover they just purchased from some website or store doesn't fit as expected. The question is always the same: "How much will it cost to have this cover fitted to my boat?" We understand that the low cost of these mass produced covers is appealing but it goes back to the old saying, "You get what you pay for".

Manufacturers of these covers can't take into account the changes that boat owners make to their boats. For example, if a ladder, fishing pole holder, trolling motor, tower, bimini top, or anything else that could interfere with a cover is added to a boat, the store bought covers may not work.  Most store bought covers use materials that are low quality and usually do not include reinforcements, a critical component of a long lasting cover. Also, most store bought covers do not have features built into the cover to secure the cover's poles and ventilate the interior as needed.

As a boater, you will likely have to deal with your cover every time you use your boat. Remove it when you go boating, and reinstall it when you're finished. The installation and removal of our custom covers save you time and frustrations when compared to non custom covers. A great boat cover will improve your boating experience and save you money by keeping your boat protected from the elements.