The cost of purchasing a new boat today makes the option of restoring your current boat very considerable. Berlin Boat Covers has the capabilities to repair or replace seating, panels, decks, and other interior features. Many shades of vinyl are available for a nearly exact color match. We can also change the vinyl color to give your boat an updated look. 

Rotten wood in seating and sided panels is a very common problem that we are capable of fixing. If the wood is too rotten to use as a pattern, we can create patterns from your boat.  We use marine grade plywood or plastic to replace the damaged wood. The quality of our remanufactured interior components are typically of higher quality than original due to the use of more durable vinyl's, stainless steel staples, and stainless steel fasteners. The use of stainless steel can eliminate staining on vinyl and fiberglass caused by steel staples and fasteners that rust. 

A new interior can help make your boat look and feel like new once again. We will need to see your boat for an accurate quote but pictures are sufficient for an ballpark estimate. Most large upholstery projects are typically completed during winter and spring to reduce boating down time.